Last Update : 2019/10/08 0405900
Japanese Society of CT Technology

JSCT has been organized since 2012 by some Japanese radiological technologists and medical physicists to act to share CT technological information from CT physics fundamentals to recent advanced technologies between members, and to contribute to advance of CT clinical abilities. Main activities are the annual meeting held on end of Jun every year and publishing the official journal, as well as providing effective membership contents related to CT technology. So far, the official language of JSCT is Japanese, and thus foreigners are difficult to attend the annual meeting (but, we welcome) and read the journal. However, since the official software for CT image measurements (CTmeasure) which is one of membership contents has a possibility for use by foreigners, we are planning to provide the software via a special English web page for CTmeasure.

Activities of JSCT

  • Annual meeting
    The annual meeting comprises scientific sessions (clinical and physics), refresher lectures, and special lectures. Three to Four hundreds people attend the meeting.
    (The fourth annual meeting will be held on Jun 25th (Sat.), 2016 in Osaka.)
  • Japanese journal of JSCT
    The official journal is published twice a year (late June and early January). The contents are the proceedings of the annual meeting, contribution papers related to scientific study and education.
  • JSCT technical guide lines (in Japanese)
    The JSCT technical guidelines consists of a technical part and a techno-clinical part. The technical part describes recommendable techniques about CT image evaluations, quality assurance, dose evaluation, contrast media technique, and image processing, which have been corrected from recent standards and scientific papers. The techno-clinical part provides descriptions and lists of CT scan and reconstruction parameters for several categories, which have been corrected from recent scientific papers.
  • Official software for CT image measurement (CTmeasure)
    CTmeasure is the official integrated software for CT image measurements. This software has been developed to facilitate CT image measurements such as modulation transfer function (MTF), noise power spectrum (NPS), section sensitivity profile (SSP), etc. Though only this contents is usable by foreigners in the membership contents, there is no English web page for obtaining this software so far. Please be patient for a while until we will present the English web page for getting CTmeasure.